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Why I Like this Ship

Where shippers post meta and squee over their OTPs

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Name:Why I Like this Ship - Manifestos by shippers
Website:{Harry Potter Days}
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Community description:Post essays about--or simply squee over--the ships you like. All fandoms welcome.
Why do you like a certain ship? Here you can post either serious essays or squee-packed posts. Het, femmeslash/yuri and slash/yaoi are all welcome, as well as crossover pairings, OT3s and OT4s. And it doesn't matter where you ship comes from: anime, manga, games, books, films, TV shows, small fandoms, huge fandoms... if you like it, we want to read about it.

We do NOT allow:

- Ship-bashing. Character-bashing. Fandom-bashing. Member-bashing. You get the drill.

- Rude comments.

- Trolls.

- Stalkers.

- Spammers.

- Ads from anyone other than the mod and the community's affiliates.

- Unauthorised off-topic posts.

- Fanart, photomanips or any other kind of fanwork posted without the creator's permission.

- Untitled posts.

Please note that each entry must deal with only one ship. If you like several ships, write a post for each of them. If you want to write about individual characters, please go to [community profile] whyilikethischaracter.

If your post contains images and/or if it's over 100 words, please use a cut to split it. Fail to do so will result in deletion of your entry.

When posting, you should mention the characters' full known names and their fandom in your post's title. Examples: "Harry Potter/Hermione Granger - Harry Potter" or "Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba, from Sailor Moon."

If you have questions, post them here or contact your mod [personal profile] fanfictionlady via PM.

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